Friday, November 14, 2008

Too much hair and what to do with it!

My hair is large and in charge. It is curly, it reacts badly to humidity, and it is capable of some of the worst bedhead you have ever seen in your life. Yet, when I was about 18, I managed to straighten it every day. The fact that it was short probably helped, but still, how did I have so much time? I've gone through a couple of phases where I wanted to deny the fact that what my hair really wants to do is this:And I should probably just let it.

While I KNOW this, and I know my hair is dry and in need of a good deep conditioning treatment, and probably a haircut or six, the idea of straightening my hair still pops in there once in a while. Just to try something different every now and then. The only problem with this is that, without fail, this little idea pops into my head when it's raining, or humid, or some other sort of hair destroying weather (100 degree heat comes to mind here). I think that the second my hair realizes that it will not even begin to do what I want it to it sends messages to my brain telling me I should straighten it. That's right, I believe my hair has a mind of its own.
Look, if it's capable of sprouting a grown man out of it, it's capable of anything.

Speaking of curly hair, for those of you out there who have it and are confused about what to do with it, here is some simple advice:

1) Use shampoo and conditioners specifically marketed for curly hair. I like Pantene's version myself. It really does make a difference.

2) DO NOT BRUSH YOUR HAIR after you get out of the shower. I'm serious. Brush it before you get in the shower and run your fingers through it while conditioning it. Then leave it the hell alone.

3) Stop using gel and hairspray. It is not the 90s anymore (as much as I long for them sometimes), step away from the Dep. Instead, try a finishing cream. My favorite is Tresemme Anti-Frizz Secret.

Turn off the water in your shower, flip your head a couple of times to get the excess water out, and wrap it in a towel for the amount of time it takes you to brush your teeth and shave your armpits. (For those of you who do not do these things when you get out of the shower, then keep the towel on for 3-5 minutes) Then:
A) Gently remove the towel
B) Put a little cream in your hands and smooth it over your head, top to bottom. Do NOT run your fingers through it.
C) Put a little more cream in your hands and flip your head over. Then scrunch, gently all around your head.
D) Flip hair over to one side of your head and scrunch again.
E) Repeat on other side of head.
G) Let air-dry

After all that?


(The Cigar is optional)

And if all that fails? Look, ponytail holders are out there for a reason, there's no need to fry your hair beyond recognition. Embrace the curls! ♦DiggIt!Add to del.icio.usAdd to Technorati Faves