Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Oscar The Sometimes Cat

My roommates and I have acquired a sometimes cat. By "sometimes cat" I mean "stray cat who lives behind our house who is kind enough to catch our mice and poop outside as long as we feed him regularly." Basically, Oscar does not live with us all the time. Only when he's hungry or in the mood. Most of the time he is behind our apartment doing whatever it is that outside cats do. (Whatever it is it involves screeching and coming home with large scratches across the nose. We think the other outside cats might be jealous of our Oscar.)

Before Oscar was Oscar he was just some random cat who meowed at our window from time to time. We made the mistake of feeding him once and then he wouldn't go away. (Of course not, would you?) My roommate Michael decided to let him in one day (this was after said roommate had dubbed the outside cat "Oscar") and he immediately not only killed the one mouse we had in our apartment, but took it outside so we wouldn't have to deal with it. That was when he became our sometimes cat. Dude earned it.

Meet Oscar:All together now: "Awwwwww"

Oscar is friendly, well behaved and pretty much awesome. His main problem is that he's filthy. Live in a garbage can (Oscar, get it?) and you're bound to be. His other problem is that he makes the other outside cats very VERY jealous. I kicked him out the other day because he was being a nuisance, and immediately heard one of the worst cat fights I have ever heard in my life. On top of that, this was the scene outside of my (VERY VERY FILTHY) window recently:
One cat all up in our business, and one cat waiting to pounce. Awesome.

Our other problem with Oscar is that we're not sure if we're allowed to have cats or not. We need to check with the landlords on that. We also need to check with the landlords about our broken sink, toilet, and door, but those are other issues. If it turns out we're allowed to have cats we're going to have Oscar fixed, bathe him, and keep him inside. If it turns out we can't...


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