Thursday, May 22, 2008

Catch Phrases and Lil' Old Me

I have a really bad habit of getting phrases stuck in my head, saying them repeatedly for a month or so, watching other people start saying them, and then dropping them in favor of something new and ridiculous to say seventy-five times a day. When I was eleven I walked around for a good two months saying "hip and groovy, my brothers." about anything I found in the least bit cool or amusing. Seriously...weeks and weeks of saying that on a retardedly regular basis. There have been others, but that one always sticks with me because it might be the worst catch phrase ever. Unfortunately I had not started saying it yet when we were asked to submit quotes for our "senior" year book, so instead the words "George the Flying Monkey" sit under my smiling eleven year old face for all of eternity. What the hell was wrong with me?

(Is. What the hell is wrong with me. Past tense...pssshhhh There is still plenty wrong with me)

At the moment everything blows my mind. "My mind was blown!" "Dude, that was mind-blowing!" "Mind. Blown." "This will blow your mind!" You can see evidence of this in my last two posts. And I can hear myself. And I know I keep saying it. And I know it sounds pretty stupid. But seriously? Can't. Stop.

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