Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Crap crap crap crap crap

This weekend I chipped a tooth way in the back of my mouth. I asked around to see if anyone had a good dentist to recommend but didn't come up with much because most of my friends don't have dental insurance. (God Bless America, right kids?) I figured, "Okay, I'll find a dentist and get it taken care of this week." No big deal, right? It's just a chip!

Then last night, after trivia at The Black Rabbit, I put a piece of gum in my you do. I chewed once, I chewed twice, I chewed three times and HALF OF MY EFFING CHIPPED TOOTH CAME OUT OF MY MOUTH. Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuckity fuck fuck. I got home, I e-mailed work and told them I had a dental emergency and would be finding a dentist/getting my tooth fixed today. Which I did....Sort of.

My insurance, she kind of when I finally found a dentist who could take me today, my insurance wouldn't cover it because I never submitted a formal request to them in writing. So I paid full price for the visit. Fine. Five minutes and $125 later I was told that I, a) had a hole in my tooth and b) I would need a root canal. Thank you captain smartass...I ALREADY KNEW THAT. I DID NOT NEED TO GIVE YOU $125 TO TELL ME THAT. So they referred me to a specialist who cannot take me until Friday afternoon. On Friday afternoon I get a root canal for a measly $1,050 (after insurance) and then two weeks after that I get fitted for a crown, and two weeks after that I get the crown permanently cemented into my mouth for $1,600. And a cleaning. Which all together will come out to almost three thousand dollars or about six months of rent.

The moral of the story is: GO TO THE DENTIST. NOW. I don't care if you were there last week. Go AGAIN.

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