Monday, August 18, 2008

Dammit Dammit Dammit

Thanks to my mother, I am a relatively good cook. I can roast a chicken, I can make pork chops in various ways, and I make a mean salad dressing. Only two basic things have eluded me: rice and scrambled eggs.

On Sunday morning, for the first time in my life, I managed to make decent scrambled eggs. After being up all night with a group of friends no less! They weren't just broken up fried eggs, they were actually scrambled, and they were tasty! And the right consistency! I was very proud of me.

So tonight I thought I would try rice again. I beat one of my cooking phobias this week, why not try another? Right?

Wrong. I still can't manage to make rice that isn't crunchy in the middle. And this rice is so good too! It's a recipe I got from Seth where you use a can of tomato sauce in place of one cup of water and let the rice cook with diced onions and garlic. Then you melt cheddar cheese on top of it and it's freaking awesome. Except not when it is crunchy.

So attention people who cook - HEEEEEEEEEELLLLLLLLLLPPPPPPPPPP!!!

(Now that I think about it, my mother could never do rice too well either. And the woman is incapable of cooking fettuccine. It is without fail uncooked in the middle. Hi Mom! I love you!) ♦DiggIt!Add to del.icio.usAdd to Technorati Faves