Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Hello Internet!

I'm alive! Hi, yeah...sorry.

Wedding Madness got the best of me and I've been a little stressed out and a little MIA. Oops.

So yeah...Portland was lovely, as was the wedding I attended the following weekend. I rode a horse for the first time! It hurt my butt. I also learned that horses are large scary beasts and being on a cranky one can be a little terrifying. Which might explain my face in this picture:
Uh-huh...having a greeeeeeeat time. (Actually, I had a lovely time when Red [that was his name, Red] was behaving.)

So...what else what else?

I'll bullet the main points because I am running late (of course):

-Seth and I are officially back together. We've changed our Facebook status and everything! Internet sanctioned relationship. Totally official.

-I'm planning on dressing up as a refrigerator for Halloween. I will post pictures.

-I seem to be going to California in about two weeks.

-The Tigerlily is getting married on Saturday and then wedding madness will be over!

-My cousin Anne got married this past Saturday, but unfortunately I had to miss it. I saw the pictures and she looked amazing and happy and yay! Congrats, cousin!

-I saw my Grandmother last week. She's still awesome, in case you were wondering.

-I will get better at blogging once I get back into the swing of things. I am fully aware that this entry was not my best.

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