Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Stuff, Things, Etc

Well , well, well. I have had a busy couple of days. For starters - I started classes again! Hooray!

I'm taking Asian American Literature and Pop Culture, and Latino Communities in the U.S. Thrilling, I know. I've only had two classes so far and am already slightly behind on my reading. Awesome! (I am very happy that I decided to take two classes rather than three this semester because I would lose my mind completely.)

In other news the Tigerlily had her Bachelorette Party this weekend and it was lovely lovely lovely. And a little nuts. And awesome. I danced like a maniac and maybe drank my weight in champagne. Like you do. I also stayed up until eight 'o' clock in the morning again, but unlike last time it didn't rain and I got to sleep outside. It was all I had wanted all summer and I finally got to do it after watching an amazing, though bleary, sunrise on the Tigerlily's deck. Then...at NOON, the Tigerlily woke me up and announced that we were going for brunch and pedicures. I tend to be relatively anti-pedicure as I don't like people touching my feet, but I was still drunk when I woke up and it seemed like a lovely idea. So we brunched, and pedicured, and ate food with Carolina and her boyfriend, and Shai came over. Excellent.

In other other news - a while back, when I was posting about my roommates regularly, a couple of people mentioned that I was a little mean about them in the blog. To which I responded, "Meh, they don't read it. No big deal!" Then the other day I realised that one of them just started to read it and now I feel like a bit of an ass. So - my darling Michael - I'm sorry and I love you and I will now only post nice things about you unless you do something really awful like set the house on fire. Kay? Kay!

Yesterday was supposed to be my big day of getting books and getting ready for my first real day of school. But I woke up as Seth was walking into my room to surprise me and the day kind of got away from me what with hanging out and breakfast burritos. It happens sometimes. The not finishing all my reading didn't even end up being an issue, so my day of well earned leisure was totally okay.

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