Tuesday, April 08, 2008

A Happy Accident

So I accidentally began quitting smoking this week. After my mother's birthday party on Saturday I (as she mentions) stayed in bed all day Sunday and didn't have a cigarette. Then yesterday I lit my first cigarette of the day at around 7pm and decided I didn't want it, so I tossed it. Today I have had about a cigarette and a half, but I haven't enjoyed it. And if I'm not enjoying it, then what's the point?

Actually, I'm smoking a cigarette right now because I made myself an enormous meal (not smoking makes me very VERY hungry) and I felt like it. But, again, I'm not completely enjoying myself. I usually love smoking. I know it's terrible, but I enjoy it, and I'm still quite young. What's the point in continuing if I know I want to quit one day? So I suppose quitting isn't exactly the right word, but cutting down tremendously. Oh and also? I live in New York City. Cigarettes are fucking expensive and they aren't getting any cheaper. In fact, they are going up by another $1.25 pretty soon, which is really not something I can afford. So if I cut down now I can quit when the price goes up, right?

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