Saturday, December 29, 2007


UPDATE: Here is what the first part of the blog originally said:

aaeetii is 4:24am। maay blog kiips traanslaating into arabik...avesome। this nighat just kiips getting bettar।

no, seriausly, yeverytime i phinish taaiping a vard aaeetii turns into phuchking arabik। i diid'tii ask phor this pheature!

vell, i hop yoo are al siing this in inglish।

basikaallii, i niid to get on a bas to bostan in approksimaatelii 6 hours nd maay

Normal English:

It is 4:24am। My blog keeps translating into Arabic...awesome. This night just keeps getting better.

No, seriously, everytime I finish typing a word it turns into fucking Arabic. I didn't ask for this feature!

Well, I hope you are all seeing this in English.
Basically I need to get on a bus to Boston in approximately 6 hours and my mother's

आईटी इस ४:२४अम्। मे ब्लोग कीप्स त्रान्स्लातिंग इन्तो अरबिक...अवेसोमे। थिस निघत जुस्त कीप्स गेत्तिंग बेत्तर।

नो, सेरिऔस्ली, येवेर्य्तिमे इ फिनिश टाइपिंग अ वार्ड आईटी तुर्न्स इन्तो फुच्किंग अरबिक। इ दीद'टी अस्क फोर थिस फेअतुरे!

वेल्ल, इ हॉप यूं अरे अल सींग थिस इन इंग्लिश।

बसिकाल्ली, इ नीद टू गेट ओं अ बस टू बोस्टन इन अप्प्रोक्सिमातेली ६ हौर्स नद मे मोठेर's washing machine decided to crap out. Oh, and my blog decided it wanted to be in English again. Well that's nice.

Okay - back to the washing machine:

Seth, my mother, and I are going to Boston tomorrow morning.
I have no clean underpants.

Actually, that is not true. I have some VERY VERY clean underpants that absolutely refuse to drain. I have some very very clean underpants that are sitting in the washing machine which is still full of water. It has been for approximately two hours. I have tried restarting it, using different settings, kicking it...everything. But still, my underpants, they are soaking fucking wet.

Yes, I know, "Take the underpants out and hang them to dry." That's all well and good, but my pants, socks, and the tights I was planning on wearing tomorrow night are all soaking in there too.

I want
to stab
a puppy.

Also - Greg Johnson - look at my last most recent post...and LAUGH! "HOW IS BABBY FORMED"


I want to light all the washing machines in the world on fire.

And I want to go to BED.


दिस्क्लैमेर: नो, नेवेर्मिंद। माय एन्तिरे फुच्किंग दिस्क्लैमेर सीम्स तो बे इन अरबिक। लुक, इफ यू'रे इन्तेरेस्तेद - तरी babelfish। इ कुइत.

Shit...Apparently this entry is mostly in Hindi, not Arabic.


Translate it your own damn selves। I'm sleepy.

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