Wednesday, June 25, 2008

As Requested

Popular girl that I am, I've been asked by two lovely ladies to be a bridesmaid this year. The Tigerlily, and my friend Karin who just got hitched in the Caribbean. (I might have mentioned it.) I have heard many horrible stories of bridesmaid dresses gone awry, and I thank my lucky stars that this is not something I have had to deal with firsthand. (Seriously, the stories...the PICTURES...holy God.) I, because my friends have impeccable taste, have two lovely VERA WANG Bridesmaid Dresses. TWO. And they are PRETTY and I LOVE them AND I will wear them again. How often can a bridesmaid say that? Hah!

Anywho, because some of my other maids and I have the humor of a twelve year old boy, Vera Wang has been shortened to "The Wang." Or "My Wang." But because I have two there has to be some differentiation, so there is my Tiny Gold Wang and my Large Green Wang. I have two Wangs! Hooray! (Bwahahaha, two wangs...bwahahahahaha). Yeah, am twelve.

On that note, here are some more pictures from the wedding! In the Caribbean! That I went to! YES!

The Happy Couple...Being Adorable, as per usual.

The Ladies!
From L to R - Colleen(Karin's Cousin), Yours Truly, Pat (The Groom's Mother), Karin, Judy (The Bride's Mother), Lindsey (Maid of Honor), and Nora (Karin's Aunt)

The Bride and her ladies.

Karin and Her Dad, mostly because I wanted to post another picture of her dress because OMG THE DRESS. (I'm going to steal it to get married in I love it so much)

And finally, the whole group. Don't we look fun? (And pretty and nice...haha)
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