Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Hitler lives in my pants

In two days I will be in a bikini. Because of this me and my chest cold went to get a bikini wax today. Like you do.

My waxer was not fluent in English, so when she asked how I wanted to keep, I showed her with my hands. "You know, about this much," while I traced a decent, but not porny triangle. So she went to work and I, as always, stared at the ceiling and tried to think happy thoughts.
Rip..."DEAR GOD...KOALAS!!!!!"
Like that. After what felt like far too long, my foreign waxer asked if she had left too much. "Is this okay?" I raised my head a little off the bed to inspect my newly shorn bits. Or rather, my extremely shorn bits. There was a large discrepancy between what I had asked for and what I had left. Basically, for lack of a better mental image, my girl is now sporting a Hitler 'stache.


In that not so awesome kind of way.

Now what? My fear is that next time I go in they will try and replicate this girl's work. Is there a way to work around this? Do I just wait a little longer before getting the next one? Dye the patch I want to keep a different color? ♦DiggIt!Add to del.icio.usAdd to Technorati Faves