Thursday, June 12, 2008

Woo Hoo!

In three and a half hours I am getting on a plane and going away away away! YAY!

I can not even put into words how happy I am. I am going to sleep during the whole flight because, I...uh....kind of didn't do that yet. I was busy doing laundry! And packing! And showering! Hooray!

See, this whole heatwave thing really screwed everything up for me. Had I gone home in the past five days or so, I could have just packed there and slept tonight. But NO. The heat had to get all crazy and I was forced to stay at my mom's with the lovely central air. So I stopped by my apartment tonight, packed a suitcase full of dirty clothes, and hoofed it back to my mom's to do laundry all night. Ah well, I usually don't sleep before a morning flight anyway. I'm way WAY too last minute for all of that.

Also - I have completely over-packed. I'm only going away for four days, and I will be in my bathing suit for most of it, but I needed options, you know? And things to wear at night...and clothes for the plane ride back. And pajamas. Plus, there are some bra issues with my bridesmaid dress. Or maybe there aren't. I'm not entirely sure as I only tried it on once. So I've packed pretty much every bra I own. Just in case. I think it's logical, don't you?

Aaaaaaaaaaand on that lovely bit of over-sharing, the dryer just buzzed so I must be off.

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