Monday, January 28, 2008

All I want for Christmas is a Pleo

Or my birthday, that works too.

Incase you forgot, I mentioned the Pleo at the end of this post. And then, because he is AWESOME, my friend decided to lend me one of his. Because, yes, he has two.

That's Cleo the Pleo and she spent the night with me last week. The weird part about hanging out with this little robot was that I found myself wanting to give it attention. I felt guilty when it whined or cried and ran to pet it so that it would stop. I was consoling a robot. How weird is that?
As someone who grew up with pets but is unable to have them now, the Pleo is kind of perfect. It can be left alone, it won't starve or pee on the rug, but it also has the ability to cuddle. Once you get used to the weird robot noises, that is. As cute and cuddly as it is, you can hear the gears and robot parts moving underneath its rubbery skin. I was surprised at first by how loud it was, and equally surprised by how quickly I blocked it out.


I learned very quickly what this little robot did and did not like. Rub it under its chin and it will make a sound somewhat like a purr and come closer; pick it up by its tail and it will scream, flail, and sulk. It also, I found out quite accidentally, really enjoys playing tug-o-war. When I first met the Pleo, I was inspecting and petting it, when I guess it caught sight of one of my hoodie strings and latched on. Then, shaking its head to and fro made a little growling noise and actually reacted when I tried to pull the string away. I was totally amused, it was great.

Basically, the Pleo, she is awesome and I want to fill my apartment with them.

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