Thursday, January 17, 2008

I am dumb, will be cold, and also will probably hurt myself.

Hi! I am going to Vermont tonight! With the Tigerlily! And I packed every sweatshirt, pair of socks, and thick tights that I own, plus my only two pairs of pants because in Vermont, it is really cold. Like low of 1 degree on Sunday cold...but you know what I forgot?
And a hat.

Because I are dumb. And will be very cold. Oops.

Also - I am going to go skiing for the very first time! On a real mountain! Near people with expensive ski gear who know what they are doing! And I will not know what I am doing and also I will be wearing this:

Yes, that is me on the left, last time I was in Vermont, wearing a ski suit that lives in a closet up there. I am actually going to go in public wearing wearing this, with things strapped to my feet, and this time it will not simply be for the amusement of my friends and the internet. No, this will be real and I will look real dumb.

I also plan on spending a large portion of my time up there curled up in the fireplace with a beer and a book because seriously, people:
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