Monday, January 21, 2008

Then again, maybe we won't...

Friends, Countrymen, Internet -

I lied.

I was all, "woo, YEAH! I'ma go skiing this weekend." And then I didn't. Mostly because, like I said I would in this post, I froze my tits off. Actually, that's not entirely true: the crowds were OUT OF CONTROL. Holy hell. To the point where I completely freaked out and had to leave the mountain on Sunday.

But do not worry! Even though I didn't ski, I did wear the ridiculous neon onesie up to the ski area. The people up there, total ski bunnies and the like, thought I was out of my mind. I got some amazing looks of, "Oh no she didn't!" and "Seriously? You're joking, right?" And it was great because I did and I was. One guy actually came up to me on the balcony of this bar and goes, "Hi, you're wearing the best ski suit I've seen up here all day and I need to get a picture with you." So then his girlfriend took a picture of us standing together and I was embarrassed and it was funny.

So yeah...

It was just so nice to be out of the city for a couple of days and to relax and let my phone die. (To anyone who tried to get in contact with me this weekend, sorry about that. The phone died and I let it. Oops.) There were games and sing-alongs, (Hopefully I'll be able to post a video of me singing and dancing while imbibing what turned out to be far too much whiskey. My stomach, she still turns when I think of it.) naps and books. It was something that I really needed.

And the food! The Tigerlily, as always, amazed everyone with her culinary prowess and we ate like kings and queens. And she is welcome to go on about how people helped her, but they were ideas and recipes. There was crepe cake and strata and salmon with miso butter! Seth proved his champion eating abilities by almost eating himself sick on more than one occasion. Oh and there was a lot of cheese. (Garlic cheddar is delicious and I need to work on getting some in the city because holy shit awesome.)

And I think that's about it.

Pictures to follow - I only brought a disposable and I haven't seen any pictures pop up online yet. ♦DiggIt!Add to del.icio.usAdd to Technorati Faves