Sunday, January 06, 2008

To distract myself from what really happened tonight

I just saw The Neverending Story or Unendliche Geschichte, Die for the first time in YEARS. It brought back many wonderful memories, but also shed some light on things that simply did not occur to me when I was a child.

For instance, as a child I never noticed that Falkor was not only a luckdragon, but also a stoned black man. Seriously. He is also exceptionally creepy and might stalk/rape children in his free time.

Come ON now. Seriously creepy.

I also remembered that I had a SERIOUS crush on Atreyu when I was a kid. I wanted to do all sorts of things with that 13 year old boy when I was about 6 or so. I decided I would google him to see what he looked like now. Not a good idea.

Atreyu then:

Adorable! Going to be so handsome when he grows up! Right?


My heart. She is broken.

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