Thursday, February 14, 2008

Sarah Booz and the quest for the nonexistent flat iron...

So my roommates? Still suck. I have this flat iron that I have had since I was seventeen. My father got it for me the last Christmas he was alive and it still works wonders. I adore it. My roommates, however, seem to think it's a tool and continuously remove it from the bathroom. The last time it went missing I found it hiding out under the kitchen sink. Apparently it was put there "Because it had a plug."

So tonight I come running home to get ready for Valentine's Day dinner with Seth. I gave myself a mini haircut last night for the sole purpose of straightening it this evening. I get home and guess what! My flat iron, she is missing. Only one of my roommates is home so I ask him if he has seen it.

"Have you seen my flat iron?"

I text the other roommate:
"Have you seen my flat iron?"

Okay...the roommates haven't seen it. A hunting I will go. I tear apart the house in a frenzy trying to find this thing. Roommate who is home hears my bangs and aggravated groans and hides out in his room. After approximately twenty minutes I go into his room.
"Are you sure you haven't seen my flat iron?"
"Dude, I don't even know what a flat iron is!"

Fucking awesome.

So I text message roommate number two:
"Are you sure you haven't seen my flat iron? Because I asked roommate number one if he was sure and he said he didn't know what I was talking about. Do you know what a flat iron is?"

I still haven't gotten a response.
So in case you were wondering why on Earth I would be updating my blog when I should be going out and doing fun Valentine's Day things with my boyfriend; the answer is this:

The time alloted to hair straightening is now filled with absolutely nothing. So I'm sitting on the computer killing time until I have to walk to the restaurant. I am in a foul mood. And to make things even more awesome? I just spoke to Seth and he is also in a foul mood.

Happy Freaking Valentine's Day.

OH...and in case you are a dumb boy and have absolutely no idea what this post is about:

There. That is a flat iron. The exact same one I have, as a matter of fact!

Oh, and also? Blue Cheese dressing should be refrigerated and not be kept on your desk next to the hot wing sauce that also resides in here. Just sayin'.

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