Monday, February 25, 2008

Spice Girls, Seth's Birthday, and Eddie Izzard. The best week of my life.

I'm not going to pretend that last week was all sunny, but the highlights most definitely outweighed the low-lights. Work was nutty, my sleep schedule was screwed up and the weather was shitty. But it was all okay because there was also lots of food, SPICE GIRLS, Seth's Birthday and Eddie Izzard. Fuck YES.

Spice Girls:

I have never been so excited about a show as I was about Spice Girls. Gearing up for the show felt like being twelve years old again. Butterflies and giggling lots and lots of jumping about while screeching, "OMG SPICE GIRLS!!!" It seriously impaired my brainpower. I became partially retarded. Karin and I got to Madison Square Garden and got to our seats and waited patiently for the show to start. We were patient only because there were cocktails with glowing LED swizzle sticks in them. Booze + glowing swizzle sticks = wee! Fun! The show started approximately thirty minutes late which was infuriating, but completely worth the wait. THEY ROSE OF THE FLOOR. The opened with "Spice Up Your Life!" Every last one of us was inadvertently slamming it to the left and shaking it to the right because we knew that we felt fine. When they sang Mama all of their children came on stage and Posh's youngest son started BREAK DANCING. It was not staged, he just started doing it! There were costume changes! And dance interludes! And solos! One of the costume changes involved the girls coming back on stage wearing new fangled versions of their 1997 costumes. Seeing Ginger Spice in a sequined Union Jack dress honestly made Karin and I cry. When the girls finally sang "Wannabe" I thought I was going to die. I was screaming my head off. Everyone around me was screaming their heads off. All of Madison Freaking Square Garden was screaming their heads off. Karin and I put our hands over our ears to block out all the screaming while also going, "Okay...ONE..TWO...THREE..AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!" Over and over again. At the end of the night we were out of breath of shaky. It was spectacular.

Seth's Birthday:

This year marked Seth's third birthday in New York City. The last two years he kept things relatively quiet; his first year here he had dinner with two friends and last year I took him out on his own. This year, however, he decided that he was going to have more of a party. So he did. On his actual birthday a couple of us went to this Italian place called Max's on Avenue B. They make their own lasagna and fettuccine noodles and it is damn tasty. The five of us hung out, ate our hearts out, and shared a bottle of wine. It was lovely. Then, on Friday night, Seth invited just about everyone he knows in NYC out for a night of southern food and beer over at Mama's, also on Avenue B. His original plan was to head home by about 1am, but we managed to keep him out until 4:30am. I think he even had a shot! (Seth, for the most part, is not a drinker.) He also may have tried the sour patch kid infused vodka which seemed like a really good idea to the rest of us at about 2am. (For the record - Sour patch kid infused vodka is actually completely disgusting and I do not advise anyone to try it ever. It is fucking vile.) From Mama's we headed to Snack Dragon Taco Shack (had never been before. Am kicking myself for never trying this place before. Holy shit. So tasty), and from tacos we headed to Rififi. At that point Seth left and Karin and I stayed out far far too late.

Eddie Izzard:

I freaking love Eddie Izzard. I have loved him since the first time someone showed me Dressed to Kill and I believe that I will always always love him. The show at the Union Square Theater was supposed to start at 10:30, but of course did not actually start until 11:00. (Again, completely worth the wait.) He came out bearded and wearing jeans, a t-shirt and blazer, which was a bit of a shock at first. I was disappointed that he wasn't wearing something fantastic along with fantastic make-up, but I got over it pretty quickly. (For those of you who don't know who Eddie Izzard He talked about the things he normally talks about: The Bible, God, history, etc, but in new and exciting ways! He described an elephant as the back end of a squirrel with a giant toaster for a body. Hilarious! To me. Who was there. Look, just trust me here, it was fucking funny. Aaaand I just found out the show has been extended through March 8, so if you get a chance to go I would advise it. This show doesn't seem to have a name, so I'm not sure that they are filming it.

So week ruled. I need a nap.

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