Wednesday, February 13, 2008

So next week is going to be THE MOST AWESOME EVAR

Which will rule because so far this week has BLOWN DONKEY BALLS.

Let's do a run down, shall we?

-The weather. It's freezing! It's snowing! It's raining! It's...warm? AHAHA's FREEZING AGAIN. I just want warm, dry feet. Is that too much to ask?

-I got my period. Whine whine whine...I want to tear out my uterus. Blargh

-Gave a presentation for work. Presentation BOMBED.

-Feet? Still wet.

-Chills! Sweats! Guh?

-My alarm clock...she hates me.

-The MTA. She hates me.


Basically? It's only Wednesday and this week is totally the suck.

(Though there have been good points, don't get me wrong. Hung out with X-tina and The Garlic and finally got to meet The Garlic's boyfriend who we will call "Swam." He was very nice and very nicely dressed. I approve whole-heartedly.)

But next week! Next week is going to RULE SO HARD I can't even see straight!

Sunday = Toy Fair = Sweet.
Wednesday = Seth's Birthday = Awesome yay!
Saturday = OMGOMFG EDDIE IZZARD OMGAAAH = head explodes.

I can has best week evar?

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