Monday, February 04, 2008

Sarah Booz and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

I started to write this long involved entry about how crappy today is, but it was (surprise!) crappy, so I scrapped it.

Here are the things that are wrong with today:

1) I did not get to sleep until after 3:30 this morning because I accidentally drank caffeinated iced tea at 11pm last night.

2) I can't see SHIT because my glasses grew legs and walked away this morning. I had them on my face at some point this morning and then when I was leaving the house *Poof!* they were gone.

3) That new policy about having token booth operators wear burgundy vests and wander around the station. If you are in your booth I can find you, if you're somewhere else entirely I DO NOT HAVE THE TIME TO GO LOOKING FOR YOU. Motherfucking fuck fuck that was annoying. So I had to leave the station and go across the street and into a different station so I could get a new metro card which caused me to miss not one but two trains. Fuuuck.

4) There's a school across the street from my office and I don't know if they were thrilled about the Giants winning or WHAT, but there was screaming, SO MUCH SCREAMING coming from them today. That high pitched, painful kind of scream that one can only produce when they are under the age of ten.

5) As soon as the screaming stopped, construction started! Drilling and drilling that sounds exactly like it is IN MY HEAD. Good GOD I did not SLEEP last night and the drilling makes me want to STAB EVERYBODY.

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