Thursday, March 27, 2008

Old News

I was raised agnostic with a hint of quaker (I came very close to typing "quacker" there, hmmmm). There was never any question about God existing, just as there was never any question about being nice to people. "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." Is very simple. Plus Quaker meetings are so lovely. Quiet and peaceful and usually in a nice sunlit room. There is no singing and no one makes you do anything. You can just sit and think for an hour or so and it is nice nice nice. As such, whenever someone asks about religion I usually reply "Quaker!" Because it is easier. This, unfortunately, tends to bring on the following questions:

1) Do you eat a lot of oatmeal?
Har har. Yes, but it has nothing to do with religion.

and, my personal favorite:

2) Are you Amish?
Why yes! I knitted this outfit myself! Zippers and all!

Anyway, I went to a Quaker sleep-away camp between the ages of 13 and 16, but because it was sleep-away camp everyone was Jewish. Go figure. I found a conversation I had with one of my friends from camp on AIM a couple of years ago, and thought I would share. Because I still think it's funny.

[05:06PM] Sarah: GOD CAN'T TYPE
[05:06PM] Emily: god can do anything he wants
[05:07PM] Emily: blasphemy
[05:07PM] Emily: god can too type
[05:07PM] Emily: you're going to hell
[05:08PM] Sarah: HAHAHA
[05:08PM] Sarah: you know what I mean!
[05:08PM] Sarah: AND You'RE A JEW
[05:08PM] Emily: HEATHEN!
[05:09PM] Sarah: JEW
[05:09PM] Emily: yeah what you gonnna do about it quaker? fight me?
[05:09PM] Emily: PACIFIST!
[05:09PM] Sarah: DAMN YOU
[05:09PM] Emily: go make some oatmeal

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