Monday, March 10, 2008

Snot the color of Mountain Dew

On Saturday night Seth and I went to Studio B in Brooklyn to go dancing with some of his friends who were in town. When Seth and I first got there it was almost completely empty, which was fine with us because it gave us plenty of room to dance. I hate going out to a place that is so cramped I can barely move, let alone get my freak on. (Yes, I did just say "get my freak on." Shut up.)


As the night went on more people showed up, including Techno Viking. Well, someone who danced and looked almost exactly like Techno Viking at least. Don't know who Techno Viking is? Prepare to be amazed:

That, my friends, is Techno Viking.

At Studio B Seth accidentally bumped into Techno Viking 2.0 and he GRABBED SETH BY THE ARMS AND MOVED HIM. So. Effing. Scary. We also watched him work his way through the crowd sort of picking up and moving anyone in his way. The animal!

Aaand...that's about it.

About the title of this post, I woke up this morning and blew my nose and it was a horrible shade of neon green. Just like Mountain Dew!

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